Below showcases  some of our recent and not so recent work, along with an explanation of the work carried out.




Hyundai i20 Rally car

Hyundai i20 rally car

Convert a standard road car into a beast!!!

This car came to our workshop already partly modified. Our task was to further modify, remould, and reproduce parts. The front guards were narrowed and carved out to allow greater suspension travel, the front bar was cut and rounded, the rear flares were made removeable, narrowed and made symmetrical, the rear bar was shortened and made to fit up to the rear flares. Naca vents and air intake were hand made into the original flat steel bonnet, a mould was produced, and a new lightweight part was reproduced.

An existing fibreglass wing was cut modified and enlarged. A mould was produced and a new lightweight carbon fibre wing was made.

The mirrors are Hyundai i20  grafted with Mitsubishi Evo 10. Both sets of mirrors were cut, modified, remoulded and new mirrors reproduced.








 cropped gt40


The "spider" which includes the roof, A and rear pillars, was modified to improve fitment and remoulded.  The right hand rear quarter was modified and remoulded to improve the symmetry of the rear clip. Once remoulded, we manufactured a neat new body and fitted it to a rolling chassis.


Raceglass can assist with body fitment of all kit cars.








Bolwell Mk4 pics

Bolwell produced sport cars from 1962 to 1979. The Mk4 was Bolwells' 1st production car. Above is a remake of the Mk4. The new design (top left) was brought to us for refinement prior to moulding. We produced and delivered a new mould and body  which has since been fitted to a freshly panelled chassis. The top left picture shows the car on arrival, followed by the moulding stage to the new body on the chassis.







Pegasus collage

Although this race car came to us exactly as it was built in 1960, the rear flares no longer complied with current racing log book requirements. The flat rear flares were extended, reshaped and integrated neatly into the rear clip to cover the tyres completely.











The bonnet was quite deteriorated. It was stripped back, repaired, primed and resprayed with the white stripe added as a feature. The roof interior was cleaned and resprayed and additional mounting brackets were added to help secure the roof as well as new rear window rubber fitted.

The latest addition has been the rear parcel shelf and "beaver"tail which was brought in from the UK. Paintwork by Raceglass


Car History:

1966 MG Midget Black duco with black interior. (original delivery)
The car was imported from the UK in 1968 and purchased by the customers father a few months after its arrival.The car has been in his family ever since. The car was used extensively in club rallies and sprints/hillclimbs in the 1970's. As well as being a daily commuter, Tim also learnt to drive in it when he was seventeen.

Early 1970's the Warick and Prichard Sebring GT bonnet was added to the car. The fiberglass hard top was factory installed at time of purchase. It was a factory option. The English manufactured bonnet was of poor original quality and was showing signs of deterioration. Also the roof required some remedial work as it was showing signs of its age, this was also of average original build quality.






















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